At DEPCO we offer a comprehensive range of Komatsu replacement parts to suit the following engines:

Komatsu3D84   4D84   3D95   4D95   S4D95   6D95   S6D95   SA6D95   SAA6D95    S4D102    SA4D102    SAA4D102    S6D102    SA6D102    SAA6D102 4D105    S4D105    6D105    S6D105    S6D108    SA6D108    SAA6D108    S6D110    SA6D110    S6D114    SA6D114    SAA6D114    4D120 6D125    S6D125    S6D125E    SA6D125    SA6D125E    4D130     S4D130   6D140    S6D140    SA6D140    SAA6D140    SA12V140    SAA12V140    S6D155    SA6D155    S6D170    SA6D170    SAA6D170    SA8V170    SA12V170    NH220    NT06    N855    NT855    NTA855

We also offer parts for the Cooling System, Transmission, Final Drive, Steering, Undercarriage and Hydraulic System for all Komatsu Machinery including: Bulldozers, Compactors, Crushers, Dump Trucks, Excavators, Forklifts, Loaders and Rollers. Part of our service includes the supply of GENUINE KOMATSU PARTS so if the part you want is for a Komatsu - WE CAN SUPPLY IT.


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